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Two Jars of Vegan Peanut Butter Overnight Oats beautifully garnished, with peanuts, cacao nibs and strawberries tossed around them

Vegan Peanut Butter Overnight Oats 

These vegan peanut butter overnight oats are the perfect simple and delicious breakfast. Also, they work fantastically for a quick meal prep. With these overnight oats, you won’t have any stress of getting a great breakfast to start the day right. They are super easy […]

Two glasses of blackberry smoothie beautifully garnished with rosemary, blackberries and a blue straw.

Blackberry Smoothie With Rosemary (Vegan)

Do you want to step up your smoothie game? Then it’s time to try this blackberry smoothie. Adding rosemary infuses this fruity drink with such delicious notes. This smoothie has a fantastic balance of sweetness and herbal, deep notes. Also, rosemary and blackberries are super […]

Two slices of bread with sea buckthorn jam on a dark plate, with a glass of jam and sea buckthorn branches in the background

Sea Buckthorn Jam Recipe

Welcome to this sea buckthorn jam recipe! I am on vacation in Denmark, where sea buckthorn grows wild like a weed. It is currently in season, and you can find its vitamin-loaded, orange berries when going on a little stroll at the coast. The sea […]

A bowl of vegan cashew cream cheese with figs and bread

Delicious Cashew Cream Cheese Recipe

Are you looking for a creamy vegan cheese sauce or spread? Then look no further. Cashew cream cheese is a star vegan cheese alternative. Its creaminess and flavor are super satisfying and addictive! This cashew cheese is completely vegan and gluten-free. Also, it is super […]

Plated sweet rice porridge in two bowls, garnished with banana slices, red currant, and almonds

Sweet Rice Porridge Recipe

Are you looking to switch up your breakfast routine? This sweet rice porridge with banana, almonds, and marmalade has you covered. This recipe is naturally vegan and gluten-free, and it tastes delicious! Let’s get cooking!  Ingredients you need for making sweet rice porridge:  I like […]

Musabaha pated on beautiful ceramic plate, and musabaha in a clay pot.

Musabaha Recipe

If you love hummus, you probably also love musabaha. Let me introduce you to this fantastic dish. When hummus is the smooth meze, musabaha is its rustic cousin. It’s made from the same ingredients, but instead of turning the chickpeas into a smooth paste, you […]

Manakish with za'atar

Delicious Manakish Recipe

Hey y’all, ready to amp up your breakfast game? Today, I have an absolute dream dish for you: manakish. While some of you might not have heard of this dish before, it’s a classic for breakfast in Lebanon. It’s a pizza-like flatbread with different toppings. […]

Ful Medames

Tasty Ful Medames

I am a bit obsessed with fava beans lately. They are a crucial ingredient in middle-eastern cuisine, and you can make so many great dishes with them. One stands out as the most famous, and for a reason: Ful medames, the hearty and comforting fava […]

Hummus fatteh plated

Breakfast Hummus Fatteh

Have you ever heard of Hummus Fatteh? If yes, good for you, and if not, listen closely. It’s a Levantine breakfast dish, and it’s the absolute best. It’s my current favourite breakfast, and it makes sure to give you a healthy, protein-packed start to your […]

Vegan Mushroom congee in a bowl

Comforting Mushroom Congee

Have you wanted to try a new recipe for a cosy winter morning? Then I got something for you. A comforting vegan mushroom congee. Never heard of it? Many in the west may not have. For some reason, this dish has stayed under the radar […]

Sliced vegan fish bread

Vegan Salmon Avocado Toast 

Recently, I shared this recipe on how to make a plant-based fish substitute. While this carrot-based salmon alternative is tasty, it’s not something I eat on its own, but I like to make other dishes with it. For example, you can bring vegan sushi to […]

Two kinds of natural hummus plated

The Best Homemade Hummus Recipe

In this recipe, you will see how to make godly smooth hummus. I can just recommend trying this hummus recipe! It is easy and quick to make once you get the hang of it, and it is way cheaper and tastier than what you will […]

French toast topped with apple and coconut cream

Vegan French Toast Recipe (With Apples)

Probably the best weekend breakfast is vegan French toast. Actually, not just for weekends but for any day of the week. Try to change my mind. I am quite confident you will share this opinion after having this caramelised apple-topped version. Vegan French toasts are […]