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Two beautifully garnished miso glazed eggplant servings on grey plates

Miso Glazed Eggplant (Nasu Dengaku)

This miso glazed eggplant is super easy and quick to make, and it bursts with delicious umami flavor. Also, it is just so deliciously creamy. The sweet and sour taste of a simple miso glaze infuses the eggplant. Scooping out the flavorful flesh while nice […]

Two beautlful white and green plates with three slices of garnished miso glazed tofu each

Miso Glazed Tofu (Tofu Dengaku) 

Are you bored of plain tofu? This miso glaze transforms your tofu into an umami-loaded, irresistible dish. The tofu soaks in all that delicious glaze, loading it with delicious salty, spicy, rich umami flavor. After a quick sear, the tofu develops a deliciously crispy and […]

Mizo glaze in black cup on wooden surface

Delicious And Simple Miso Glaze

An absolute staple of mine is miso glaze. It is super simple to make! It is a versatile way to add a unique depth of flavour to your dishes. No matter if tofu or veggies, it gives that umami flavour to bring the dish to […]

Korean Cucumber Salad Plated on grey plates

Oi Muchim – Korean Cucumber Salad Recipe

Oi Muchim, also known as Korean cucumber salad in the West, is a fantastic dish. It has a spicy but balanced flavour and delicious crunch. This cucumber salad surely doesn’t get boring. Also, it is super easy and quick to make! Let’s give this Korean […]

Creamy peanut sauce in bowl, with peanuts spread around it

Easy Peanut Sauce Recipe

One of the best sauces ever is peanut sauce. No doubt. It is so creamy, delicious and flavourful. This peanut sauce is one of my go-to’s if I’m short on time. It is super quick to make, and its use is versatile: It brings so […]

Plated Tom Kha soup

Vegan Tom Kha Soup Recipe

Hey there! Today I got a special one for you: My interpretation of a delicious vegan Tom Kha soup. It’s such a treat. This Tom Kha is fresh, fragrant, and full of coconut flavour. The soup itself is creamy but has a fantastic texture from […]

Banh Mi Assembled

Vegan Banh Mi Sandwiches

Time to make one of the best sandwiches: Vegan Banh Mi! If you never had it before, this is your chance. It’s an absolute experience! What is Bánh Mì? Bánh mì is a stuffed baguette usually filled with a source of protein, spices, cilantro, cucumber, […]

Do Chua

Do Chua Recipe (Vietnamese Pickle)

Another great addition to your fridge is Đồ Chua, a delicious Vietnamese pickle. It is a key ingredient of Banh Mi, the amazing Vietnamese sandwich. While the name “Đồ Chua” translates to pickle, there are only two veggies you will usually find in Do Chua: […]

Vegan Mushroom congee in a bowl

Comforting Mushroom Congee

Have you wanted to try a new recipe for a cosy winter morning? Then I got something for you. A comforting vegan mushroom congee. Never heard of it? Many in the west may not have. For some reason, this dish has stayed under the radar […]

Masala Chai in Cup

Vegan Masala Chai

Nothing is better than a warming, cosy cup of tea in the year’s cold months. Actually, there is nothing better for any time of the year. This fragrant, sweet and spicy tea tastes fantastic during any season and is a loved staple beverage in many […]