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A close up of a beautifully garnished stuffed fig on a grey plate

Stuffed Baked Figs with Vegan Cream Cheese

It is fig season again! Let’s make one of the greatest possible fig desserts out there. Baked figs stuffed with cheese! But not any cheese: These figs are filled with a deliciously creamy vegan cashew cheese, so the recipe is completely cruelty-free! Altogether, this dessert […]

Vegan chocolate cookies stapled on cooling rag

Simple Vegan Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Are you looking for an easy and delicious vegan chocolate cookie recipe? Then look no further! These cookies are so flavourful and have such a great texture you won’t want to stop snacking on them. The preparation takes just 20 minutes, and they are out […]

Vegan stuffed dates plated

Vegan Stuffed Dates

Let’s make one of the easiest and best snacks ever. Easy vegan stuffed dates! Filled with herb-loaded vegan feta, they are just delicious. While there are so many amazing things you can fill dates with, vegan feta and herbs are definitely some of my favourites.  […]

Coconut Milk, Powdered sugar, and vanilla bean

Vegan Coconut Vanilla Cream

Are you looking for a delicious vegan topping for your desserts? Look no further. This vegan coconut vanilla cream is as rich and creamy as it is tasty. Also, it is super easy and quick to make. Being best prepared fresh, this creamy sweet topping […]

French toast topped with apple and coconut cream

Vegan French Toast Recipe (With Apples)

Probably the best weekend breakfast is vegan French toast. Actually, not just for weekends but for any day of the week. Try to change my mind. I am quite confident you will share this opinion after having this caramelised apple-topped version. Vegan French toasts are […]

Baked stuffed german apple

Vegan German Baked Apples

Are you looking for a feel-good, quick-to-make dessert that warms you during winter? Say no more. These vegan German baked apples are as simple as they are tasty. Stuffed apples are a childhood treat and a traditional Christmas food in Germany, so I enjoy them […]