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A beautifully garnished, colorful fig couscous salad with almonds on grey plates

Roasted Fig Couscous Salad with Almonds

With the last figs being in season, I’d love to share a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired fig salad. This delicious dish combines the sweetness of roasted figs, the nuttiness of almonds, spices, and crunchy textures into one rich recipe. It balances lots of flavors and is super […]

Two glasses of beautifully garnished green mint lemonade

The Most Refreshing Mint Lemonade Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect hot summer day refresher? Then look no further than this delicious mint lemonade. To me, it is a classic rustic drink, it has such summer vibes. I love it so much more than store-bought lemonades and sodas. Additionally, the […]

Black tea with sage in two beautiful glasses, with dried sage leaves tossed around them

Black Tea with Sage

Do you want to switch up your usual cup of tea? Then try this black tea with a sage recipe. It is super simple to prepare and brings a certain something to your tea! Like when making chai, this recipe spices up your cup of […]

Musabaha pated on beautiful ceramic plate, and musabaha in a clay pot.

Musabaha Recipe

If you love hummus, you probably also love musabaha. Let me introduce you to this fantastic dish. When hummus is the smooth meze, musabaha is its rustic cousin. It’s made from the same ingredients, but instead of turning the chickpeas into a smooth paste, you […]

Crispy golden fried pita breads in a wooden bowl.

Crispy Fried Pita Bread

Crispy fried pita bread is one of the best things ever. No matter if you have it as a snack on its own or as part of delicious Middle Eastern dishes, fried pita is a star. It’s simple to make and a great way to […]

Falafel Wraps plated

The Most Delicious Falafel Wrap

Today, let me present you my favourite way of eating falafel: The delicious falafel wrap. After making crispy falafel, I thought this recipe would be the perfect follow-up! Once you have your falafel on hand, these wraps are super easy and quick to make. They […]

Delicious Falafel plated

Fantastic Falafel Recipe

They are an all-time classic, and that is for a good reason: Beautiful, delicious, homemade falafel. These nutritious little things make sure to satisfy! Crispy on the outside, light and airy inside: Don’t forget lots of herbs and a delicious combination of spices, and you […]

Manakish with za'atar

Delicious Manakish Recipe

Hey y’all, ready to amp up your breakfast game? Today, I have an absolute dream dish for you: manakish. While some of you might not have heard of this dish before, it’s a classic for breakfast in Lebanon. It’s a pizza-like flatbread with different toppings. […]

Za'atar in Glass

Homemade Za’atar Recipe

One of my favourite spice blends ever is definitely za’atar. It brings so many dishes to the next level! When making delicious middle-eastern recipes such as hummus fatteh, hummus, or manakeesh, I wouldn’t want to miss it. It is my spice glass that empties the […]

Orange Mint Tea in Glass

Deliciously Spiced Orange Mint Tea

Today, I got one of my go-to hot beverages for you: A delicious, spicey spin on fresh mint tea. A wedge of orange, some ginger, and a cinnamon stick transform this classic tea to be loaded with flavours, nicely complementing the fresh mint. This hot […]

Vegan stuffed dates plated

Vegan Stuffed Dates

Let’s make one of the easiest and best snacks ever. Easy vegan stuffed dates! Filled with herb-loaded vegan feta, they are just delicious. While there are so many amazing things you can fill dates with, vegan feta and herbs are definitely some of my favourites.  […]

Vegetable tajine served

Vegan Vegetable Tajine Recipe

Today, we are making a great savoury and sweet tajine-style recipe. This vegetable tajine combines sweetness, spice, and savoury flavour in a protein-packed one-pot dish. This tajine is a slow cook making all the flavours and ingredients come together deliciously in a flavourful sauce. I […]

Plated Fattoush Salad

Delicious Fattoush Salad Recipe

During cold and dark winter days here in Germany, there is nothing like bringing a ray of sunshine to your plate. Today, I will show you how I like to make Fattoush, the delicious Levantine herby summer salad. It is so refreshing and flavourful. With […]

Muhammara Plated

Muhammara Recipe (Red Pepper Walnut Dip)

Muhammara, the fantastic middle-eastern red pepper dip, cannot miss on any meze plate. The dish is just amazing: The sweetness of charred peppers, a delicious tang from fresh lemon juice, sumac and pomegranate molasses, and texture from walnuts and breadcrumbs, make a fantastic dip I […]