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Beautifully decorated lavender milk tea with a sliced orange and dried lavender in the background

Lavender Milk Tea

This delicious lavender milk tea is the perfect hot drink for a cozy winter day. This simple infusion only needs four ingredients. It is calming, soft, warming, and so satisfying to drink. This lavender milk tea is vegan and gluten-free. Let me show you how […]

A cup of rose hip tea with dried rose hips around it

Rose Hip Tea Recipe

Rose hip tea is a delicious infusion full of autumn and winter flavors. The tea is slightly tangy and has delicious fruity and mild floral notes. You can easily make rose hip tea after foraging rose hips if you live in an area where they […]

A cup of sea buckthorn tea with a jar of dried sea buckthorn leaves in the background, and both dried and fresh buckthorn berries around them

Sea Buckthorn Tea

Are you looking for the perfect hot drink to boost your immune system for the cold winter days? Then this sea buckthorn tea recipe might be the right one for you. This light tea, made from sea buckthorn leaves and berries, bursts with healthy vitamins, […]

Black tea with sage in two beautiful glasses, with dried sage leaves tossed around them

Black Tea with Sage

Do you want to switch up your usual cup of tea? Then try this black tea with sage recipe. It is super simple to prepare and brings a certain something to your tea! Like when making chai, this recipe spices up your cup of tea. […]

Dirty Chai Served

Dirty Chai Latte Recipe

Masala chai, some additional caffeine, and foamy latte in one drink? Sounds pretty good to me! Dirty chai latte has become a trendy drink, and that is for a good reason. The spicy drink unites the strong suits of a caffe latte and masala chai […]

Orange Mint Tea in Glass

Deliciously Spiced Orange Mint Tea

Today, I got one of my go-to hot beverages for you: A delicious, spicey spin on fresh mint tea. A wedge of orange, some ginger, and a cinnamon stick transform this classic tea to be loaded with flavours, nicely complementing the fresh mint. This hot […]

Ingredients Hot Spicey Apple Juice

Hot Spiced Apple Juice

While these freezing temperatures can be annoying, they can also be beautiful and romantic. Provided you are not just super cold the whole time, in that case, they are pretty hard to enjoy. I got a recipe that might help, though! This hot spiced apple […]

Masala Chai in Cup

Vegan Masala Chai

Nothing is better than a warming, cosy cup of tea in the year’s cold months. Actually, there is nothing better for any time of the year. This fragrant, sweet and spicy tea tastes fantastic during any season and is a loved staple beverage in many […]