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Scrambled Tofu on Plate

The Best Scrambled Tofu

Scrambled tofu is a fantastic dish, so here we want to give it the recognition it deserves. It is super quick to make, uses only cheap ingredients, and is as healthy as it is tasty. The dish is protein-packed, low cholesterol, and low calories, so […]

Beans with rosemary in bowl

Tasty Garlic Rosemary Beans

One of the most underrated starter dishes is as simple to create as it is tasty: White beans with olive oil, garlic and rosemary. As they are super quick and simple to prepare, they are a great addition to your dinner or lunch. Furthermore, it […]

Masala Chai in Cup

Vegan Masala Chai

Nothing is better than a warming, cosy cup of tea in the year’s cold months. Actually, there is nothing better for any time of the year. This fragrant, sweet and spicy tea tastes fantastic during any season and is a loved staple beverage in many […]

Baked stuffed german apple

Vegan German Baked Apples

Are you looking for a feel-good, quick-to-make dessert that warms you during winter? Say no more. These vegan German baked apples are as simple as they are tasty. Stuffed apples are a childhood treat and a traditional Christmas food in Germany, so I enjoy them […]

Crispy golden croutons

Crispy Homemade Croutons

There is nothing as satisfying as crispy homemade croutons. Their crunch and flavour make them a perfect addition to so many dishes, such as this hearty garlic soup. Also, they are perfect for upcycling stale bread if some of my favourite bread doesn’t get eaten […]

Garlic Soup Ingredients

Easy Roasted Garlic Soup Recipe

Roasted garlic soup? Sounds crazy, right? Wait until you hear how many cloves go into this soup. Even though garlic soup might sound off-putting to some people at first, I can only encourage you to give it a try. It’s an incredibly creamy, fragrant (but […]

Tasty Vegetable Stock Recipe

How to make amazing vegetable stock Trust me guys. There is nothing better than homemade vegetable stock. Technically, we will be making more of a vegetable broth, but let’s not get too nerdy with the terms, as they are used interchangeably most times anyways. But […]

Pumpkin Risotto Ingredients

Autumny Roasted Pumpkin Risotto

What is better than nutritious and delicious risotto? One that features caramelized, roasted pumpkin of course! This risotto is fragrant and savoury, perfect for any autumn occasion. Also, the ingredients are quite cheap and the risotto will taste delicious, whether you eat it on a […]

Pasta aglio, olio e peperoncino plated

Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino 

This pasta only requires a few ingredients and it is quick to cook. Still, it remains a fun challenge to master this dish, even after cooking it countless times. And, most importantly, it is guaranteed satisfaction while eating! So, grab your garlic and join along for this classic!