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Two white plates filled with smooth vegan vichyssoise, garnished with chives and croutons.

Refreshing Vegan Vichyssoise Recipe

Vegan vichyssoise is a treat. This recipe is a vegan version of the French cold classic summer soup. This soup is based on potato and leek, and it is freaking delicious. While the traditional recipe calls for butter, cream, and often chicken stock, this vegan […]

Pappa al Pomodoro plated on blue plate, with pieces of bread lying around.

Pappa Al Pomodoro (Tuscan soup)

Pappa al pomodoro is such a fantastic dish. It stands as a symbol for all I love about Italian food: It’s a creative way of letting simple, high-quality ingredients shine. The dish originates from Tuscan cuisine, where its inventors looked for a delicious way to […]

Roasted Tomato Soup Plated

Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe

Tomato soup is a classic for a season. But wait until you try this one! This roasted tomato soup recipe is quick and easy to make, it only needs a few ingredients, and the soup is so satisfying to eat. This vegan tomato soup is […]

Plated Carabaccia

Carabaccia Recipe (Italian Onion Soup)

Today, we will look at a traditional Italian recipe with a long history. We will be making Carabaccia, the classic Tuscan onion soup. While many people know and love French onion soup, this Italian version is somewhat less popular. It tastes quite different, but it […]

Plated beet soup

Easy Vegan Beet Soup Recipe

One soup that deserves more love is beet soup. If prepared well, it is delicious. For anybody that struggles to make good use of red beets, this is a recipe I can recommend. The earthy flavours of the beets harmonize with the sweetness of sautéed […]

Plated Tom Kha soup

Vegan Tom Kha Soup Recipe

Hey there! Today I got a special one for you: My interpretation of a delicious vegan Tom Kha soup. It’s such a treat. This Tom Kha is fresh, fragrant, and full of coconut flavour. The soup itself is creamy but has a fantastic texture from […]

Garnished Parnsip Soup

Vegan Parsnip Soup Recipe

Have you ever had vegan parsnip soup before? It’s so delicious. This parsnip soup is exactly the style of dish I enjoy cooking most: Cherishing simplicity and celebrating the ingredient. This soup spotlights the creaminess and sweetness of parsnips and has just such a rich […]

Crispy golden croutons

Crispy Homemade Croutons

There is nothing as satisfying as crispy homemade croutons. Their crunch and flavour make them a perfect addition to so many dishes, such as this hearty garlic soup. Also, they are perfect for upcycling stale bread if some of my favourite bread doesn’t get eaten […]

Garlic Soup Ingredients

Easy Roasted Garlic Soup Recipe

Roasted garlic soup? Sounds crazy, right? Wait until you hear how many cloves go into this soup. Even though garlic soup might sound off-putting to some people at first, I can only encourage you to give it a try. It’s an incredibly creamy, fragrant (but […]