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Vibrant green spinach risotto plated on grey plates with spinach leaves as garnish around them. Bird eye angle.

Vegan Spinach Risotto Recipe

This spinach risotto is a dish I am particularly proud of. It tastes as vibrant as it looks. Lots of spinach and parsley give it its distinct green colour. Lemon zest, nutritional yeast, and delicious extra-virgin olive oil bring the whole dish together. It is […]

Finished layered Risotto

Amazing Vegan Layered Risotto

A vegan layered risotto? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I thought so at least when a friend challenged me to make a vegan version of this layered risotto creation he had in some restaurant in Canada. But it sounded interesting enough for me to give it […]

Pumpkin Risotto Ingredients

Autumny Roasted Pumpkin Risotto

What is better than nutritious and delicious risotto? One that features caramelized, roasted pumpkin of course! This risotto is fragrant and savoury, perfect for any autumn occasion. Also, the ingredients are quite cheap and the risotto will taste delicious, whether you eat it on a […]