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Jalapenos Pickled

Pickled Jalapenos Recipe

Another pickling classic are pickled jalapeños. Their natural spice, in combination with the tangy, sweet and salty brine, makes them a delicious addition to burgers, tacos, burritos, bowls, or nachos. But you can add them to so many other dishes too. For example, I sometimes […]

Pickled Garlic & fresh garlic

Easy Pickled Garlic Recipe

Have you ever had pickled garlic? Its strong and fragrant flavour can add accents and finishes to a lot of different dishes! It’s always nice to have a jar of pickled garlic in the fridge because there are more occasions where you can use it […]

Pickled beets on bread

Delicious Pickled Beets Recipe

Let me show you how to make one of my all-time favourite pickles: Pickled beets! There have been many occasions when I was happy to have a jar of pickled beets in the fridge. As it can be a bit of a hassle to cook […]

Pickled Carrots Plated

Crunchy Quick Pickled Carrots

Today, I want to show you a recipe for a quick pickle to have in your fridge: Thinly sliced pickled carrots. They are a fantastic topping for bowls, salads, sandwiches or wraps. Also, they are super quick and easy to make and are a great […]

Do Chua

Do Chua Recipe (Vietnamese Pickle)

Another great addition to your fridge is Đồ Chua, a delicious Vietnamese pickle. It is a key ingredient of Banh Mi, the amazing Vietnamese sandwich. While the name “Đồ Chua” translates to pickle, there are only two veggies you will usually find in Do Chua: […]

Pickled cucumber and ingredients

Delicious Pickled Cucumber Recipe

When talking about pickles, one veggie is the absolute classic: Pickled cucumbers. And for a good reason, pickled cucumbers combine everything one could wish for. The balance of sweet, salty, and sour while preserving their fresh flavour and crunch makes them a delicious pickle. Also, […]

Red Cabbage in Glas

Fresh Pickled Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is an amazing vegetable without a doubt. There is one preparation that I probably love most: Pickling it!  Red cabbage is a traditional winter vegetable consumed in loads during the Christmas season in Germany. But red cabbage is much more than a Christmas […]

Pickled Red Onions Jar

Easy Crunchy Pickled Onions

Something to always have in your fridge are pickled onions. Their crunchy texture, mild but tangy flavour and colour make them a great addition to so many dishes. As a topping for sandwiches, salads, burgers, bowls, or pretty much anything else, I’ll never stop to […]