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Beautifully garnished vegan shortbread cookies in a wooden bowl with fairy lights around them

Vegan Shortbread Cookies for Christmas

These vegan shortbread cookies are a delicious simple vegan Christmas recipe. They are a delicious plant-based spin on this classic cookie. While shortbread cookies are usually plain, I am decorating these cookies and adding a few little spices for some extra Christmas feeling!  Ingredients for […]

Braised red cabbage

Tasty Braised Red Cabbage Recipe

Braised red cabbage is an absolute classic side dish here in Germany. During the Christmas season, it just can’t miss. It’s served alongside roasts and potatoes and is an essential part of the Christmas vibe for many Germans and Brits. A mix of spices, vinegar, […]

Ingredients Hot Spicey Apple Juice

Hot Spiced Apple Juice

While these freezing temperatures can be annoying, they can also be beautiful and romantic. Provided you are not just super cold the whole time, in that case, they are pretty hard to enjoy. I got a recipe that might help, though! This hot spiced apple […]

Baked stuffed german apple

Vegan German Baked Apples

Are you looking for a feel-good, quick-to-make dessert that warms you during winter? Say no more. These vegan German baked apples are as simple as they are tasty. Stuffed apples are a childhood treat and a traditional Christmas food in Germany, so I enjoy them […]